Fitness Classes

Interval Training

Interval Training: Class time - 1 hour.  

Interval Training class is all levels, with modifications provided as needed. Class incorporates strength training with weights, body weight (resistance) exercises and cardio intervals mixed in. The class is rounded out with core work and completed with stretching.

Yoga Basics/All Levels: Class time - 1 hour.

Yoga Basics is designed to guide students through the basics of Yoga, helping to build a good foundation for their practice.  Whether a student has been practicing for years, months, days or it's their very first time, they are sure to leave with a good start on their Yoga journey, OR a reinvigorated practice.

Chair Yoga: Class time - 1 hour.  

Chair Yoga offers a unique experience through creative use of a chair. Students are able to perform Yoga poses with support of the chair, to take their poses to the fullest expression. The chair offers stability, making the yoga poses accessible to everyone at any level of strength.  Emphasis is placed on connecting breathing with movement so that the student can achieve greater flexibility, strength, circulation and mental awareness (just to name a FEW of the benefits).
Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Class time - 1 hour.  

Class is reserved for those ages 14 and up.  This class is designed to work on linking our movements with our breath in a flowing manner. Each student is encouraged to set their own personal intentions to accommodate their own unique practice.  Modifications are given with many poses so the students have options in class with intensity.  

Restorative Yoga: Class time - 1 hour.  
Class is reserved for those ages 14 and up but exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.  Our Restorative Yoga is a series of gentle poses, mostly done on the ground, with the goal of restoring the student and helping them to feel their most relaxed, while helping to restore the mind, body, & spirit connection.


Barre Tone: Class time - 1 hour.  

This class is designed to tone and strengthen. Ballet techniques are incorporated to target lower body and core. Strengthening and toning of the arms and abs will be included. This class will improve overall posture and tone those stubborn areas!

Pilates Barre: Class time - 1 hour.

This is an hour-long class is a Barre and Pilates fusion. Toning and strengthening your legs, butt and arms, while also focusing on those core "powerhouse"muscles. All the movements within this class are low impact and super controlled to reduce pressure on your joints and tendons.

Pilates: Class time - 1 hour.

focuses on core strength and the other principles of Pilates, with stretching being the final focus. This class helps develop the body by strengthening &lengthening muscles, restoring physical vitality and correcting postures.

Yoga-Pilates: Class time - 1 hour. 
This class is the perfect blend of Yoga and Pilates. Class allows plenty of toning and strengthening work, while offering a great deal of stretching, balance work and mindful breathing.

Zumba: Class time - 1 hour.

Zumba is a dance fitness class featuring simple dance moves and music from all over the world! Zumba combines high-energy and motivating music to create a dance party atmosphere. It's a fun and effective workout so come join the party!