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October Nutrition Challenge with Mindy: October 1- November 1.
The October Nutrition Challenge is a program designed to help you improve your eating habits. Evidence shows that healthy eating patterns are associated with positive health outcomes. Making changes to your nutrition habits can be overwhelming. The great news is that every food choice is an opportunity to move you toward a healthier eating pattern. Small shifts in food choices, over the course of a snack, a meal, a day, or a week can make a BIG difference!

The Nutrition Challenge will have a different focus each session and will build on the previous one. Mindy will challenge you to complete just ONE task each week. She will provide education, examples and tips to help you complete the challenge task. At the successful completion of this challenge you will have improved your daily nutrition patterns by putting these simple nutrition nuggets into practice.

If you are ready to take your nutrition up a notch, the October Nutrition Challenge may be just for YOU!

Cost:  TWS Members - $20.00      Non-members - $30.00


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